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At Iberlim your satisfaction is our priority. Over the last 30 years we have been offering the best technical cleaning and sanitation services, with qualified professionals and teams equipped with the latest technology to transform your space into a safe and comfortable environment.

We ensure continuous monitoring of services, geared towards maintaining high quality standards, in the search for continuous improvement through research and implementation of new techniques and regular, independent audits carried out by our Quality and Environment Department. We highlight the quality control, monitoring, supervision and maintenance teams in all regions of the country.


We want to be the privileged partner for customers who seek quality. We are a responsible, caring and challenging entity for our collaborators and for the community in general, ensuring a quality present and a motivating future. We assume ourselves as a company of reference before the State and shareholders, both by rigorously fulfilling our duties and by obtaining performances that guarantee fair compensation for the risks assumed.



We seek to perform our services in strict compliance with the highest quality standards and orienting our activity towards the full satisfaction of our clients.


We carry out our activity in compliance with the principles of sustainable growth, enhancement and environmental protection.


We always act in strict compliance with our duties and obligations to our employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Valorisation of Human Capital

We train and develop our human resources, aiming at the permanent improvement of their professional qualifications. We promote employee satisfaction by adopting appropriate motivational policies and fully respecting the principle of equity.

Plan for the prevention of corruption and infractions

Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Sustainability Policy

Our technology

With a strong innovative character and a constant concern with the continuous improvement of all our processes, we always seek to anticipate the best cleaning and disinfection solutions, developing partnerships with the main players in the chemical and equipment market. Complementing human intervention with the added value of technology, we contribute to increasing the efficiency of the service provided and to reducing the environmental impact associated with our activities.

How do we add value?

Innovative technologies

Sustainable cleaning methods and techniques

Significant reduction of cleaning time

Technical experts

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