We offer services with less impact on the environment, contributing to our sustainability and that of our clients



The transition to sustainable services with less impact on the environment is our priority.

With the continuous improvement of our processes, their monitoring and a focus on the simplicity of solutions, we always aim to find the best solution for our customers.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

The option for more ecological products should be foreseen from the first contact. At Iberlim we only use non-hazardous products in day-to-day cleaning and hygiene activities. We choose ECOLABEL products, which are more environmentally friendly and pose less risk to workers, customers and users.


ECOLABEL range references

Optimised robotic cleaning

Cleaning carried out autonomously allows cleaning routes to be optimised. A careful assessment of needs allows us to save water, cleaning products and time, which translates into greater efficiency of the service provided.


Millions m2 in autonomous mode


Thousand litres of chemicals saved

Less pollution

We are also committed to the electrification of our fleet, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and consequently the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere.


Electric Kms

Eco-friendly utensils

The incorporation of recycled plastic in our utensils makes it possible to contribute to the circular economy and at the same time ensure the resistance and durability of these utensils.

Less paper

Operations management applications enable effective monitoring of hygiene and cleaning activities. These applications are paper free and facilitate communication, integrating all stakeholders in the same place.