Robotic Cleaning

At Iberlim we combine the best and most up-to-date knowledge of cleaning processes with robotics and technology.

We are constantly innovating, providing you with autonomous and robotised solutions, making the cleaning of your space more effective, ecological and sustainable.

Sectors of operation










We provide the following services

Floor Cleaning and Sanitation

We implement robotic solutions in various sectors. This cleaning process is divided into three robotic typologies: Scrubbers, Sweepers and Vacuum Cleaners. These machines work autonomously and programmed to ensure the hygiene of the entire floor.

UV Disinfection Solutions

The application of UV provides disinfection of surfaces and air, eliminating all viruses and bacteria present in the area.

Innovation and technology

A constantly updated service

Shared service management platform

Service operational management app

Continuous software updates of the robots

Constant cleaning, 365 days a year


Robotic cleaning allows for optimised planning, reducing or even eliminating water consumption and saving between 10% and 15% in electricity consumption.


We guarantee customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of services

Our Quality, Environment and Safety Department continuously ensures that high quality standards are maintained through training, research and implementation of new techniques and organisational development, as well as regular audits, both independently and when required, in line with our customers.


APCER Certificate

CEPA Certificate


We care about developing our staff and we are a benchmark in the market for the quality of our operational teams.

Through an experienced operational structure, we ensure all our customers continuous monitoring, aimed at maintaining the highest quality standards, giving priority to close contact in order to guarantee the provision of a service that is increasingly efficient and in line with our customers’ needs and expectations.


Our business model is based on 5 strategic pillars:

Identification of needs

We survey the needs and expectations of our customers. With an experienced team, Iberlim works together with its customers to clearly define their entry requirements.


Our innovation team is constantly seeking the best practices, equipment and materials in order to guarantee excellent quality.


The performance of the robotic solutions are:

  • More autonomy and speed
  • Constant cleaning, 365 days a year
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Route and resource optimisation


The robotic solutions are equipped with various components, which guarantee their efficient and safe performance.

Communication with the client

The client has access to automatically generated daily, weekly and monthly reports, which allow him to have immediate information about:

  • Clean area
  • Water consumption information
  • Cleaning routes
  • Notifications of malfunctions

Modular and versatile solution.

Meet our autonomous mobile robot (AMR), with an innovative docking system, disinfection tower(s) and route and service management software that enables remote operation control.

Request a budget

We adjust our service offering according to your needs, offering customised solutions for your business.